National REALTOR® Membership

Your REALTOR® membership gives you access to exclusive business benefits – all focused on helping you succeed in your real estate practice.

When you join a local REALTOR® organization, your membership gives you unique protection and support at three levels:

There are five key ways your national REALTOR® membership pays you back that’s in additions and different than your local and state association benefits:

1. Protection – Representing private property rights in Washington. Providing monetary support for issues facing your state and local areas.

2. Economic Data – NAR’s home sales data is among the most watched indicators in the world.

3. Technology – REALTOR® Property Resource (RPR) gives you access to data on over 160 million properties nationwide. Powerful tools allow you to create custom-branded reports for your clients…anytime, anywhere.

4. REALTOR® Brand – A brand trusted by consumers for the most important transaction of their lives. NAR continues to support the REALTOR® brand through national campaigns.

5. Discounts and Benefits – Access to exclusive discounts from national retailers and suppliers. Click here to see the full benefits and program partners.

To become a REALTOR® member, contact your local association or board for more information.