Local Board Info

KAR is part of the larger REALTOR® community. For information about local REALTOR® associations or membership, click on the listing below to contact the local Kansas REALTOR® association in the area where you do business.

Here are the local board names (click to visit their websites):

1. Dodge City Board of REALTORS®
2. Garden City Board of REALTORS®
3. Great Plains Association of REALTORS®
4. Hays Board of REALTORS®
5. Kansas City Regional Association of REALTORS®
6. Lawrence Board of REALTORS®
7. Flint Hills Association of REALTORS®
8. Pittsburg Board of REALTORS®
9. Prairie Land REALTORS®
10. REALTORS® of South Central Kansas
11. Southeast Kansas Association of REALTORS®
12. Southwest Kansas Board of REALTORS®
13. Sunflower Association of REALTORS®